It may sounds tedious and boring, but you must know what you can and cannot do with the planning law.

Permitted Development Rights.

You can actually add 10% of the overall size of the building under permitted development right to your home or under 50 cubic metres. This is provided your not in a conservation or national parks area (such as Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks) where permitted development rights vary. RPC Design & Architecture can advise on permitted development right at consultation & design stage. In some case if you have already built under your permitted development rights in the past, the local authority may have withdrawn the rights under article 4. Also note that dwelling permitted development rights have different rules for flats, commercial and other buildings.

Your agent still needs to contact the local planning authority to confirm permitted development rights, but you do not need to go through the standard planning permission procedure with public consultation, etc. RPC Design & Architecture can act as your agent and do this on your behalf.

If you are not sure on your permitted development rights, please contact us at RPC Design & Architecture.

Development which doesn’t comply with permitted development rights will require a planning application. RPC Design & Architecture act as agents for all our clients planning applications.